Play the new mini-game Purrsuit and enjoy the Cat Cafe in New Block City now to get exclusive rewards!

TubNet fans will find two new captivating experiences to enjoy in New Block City: the TEMPTATIONS™ Cat Cafe, where players can enjoy a shared cat community space with fellow cat-loving players, and Purrsuit, an exciting parkour game where players race against the clock to quickly find and collect as many cats as they can. With minigame leaderboards, the ability to win legendary items for your in-game cat experience, these new and authentic experiences add utility and excitement to the pet-loving gaming community.

Cat Cafe

Purrsuit, parkour your way into
collecting cats

Gameplay Screenshots

How to Play

Step 1

In case you do not have the game, you can download it here. After you’ve installed it, open the Minecraft Game Launcher and press Play button.

Step 2

Once you open Minecraft, click the Multiplayer button.

Step 3

Once you have clicked Multiplayer button, you can click the Add Server button next.

Step 4

Add any server name, this can be whatever you prefer. Add “” to the Server Address, then press “Done”

Step 5

Click on the TubeNet server you just added and click Join Server.

Step 6

After you join the server, you have to find Cafe Manager Lincoln to start the game!